The Bread of Life Board of Directors represents our Partner Organizations, the community (At-Large), and representatives of those who receive our services (Program). (Pictured above: Gabriella Snyder Stelmack, Executive Director, Mary Beth Leon, Vice President, Cynthia Robillard, Treasurer, Sean Twomey, President, Kathleen McKenna, Board member, Patty Kelly, Development Director, Michael Cherone, Board member, Chris Chitouras, Secetary, Mark Golub, Board member. Not pictured: Board members Jamila Mouflih, Andrea Munoz and Dennis Roche.)

Board of Directors



Sean Twomey (At-Large: Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts)

Vice President

Mary Beth Leon (Partner Organization: Cheverus School, Malden)


Cynthia Robillard (Partner Organization: Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Malden)


Chris Chitouras (At-Large) 

Board Members

Michael Cherone (Partner Organization: St. Joseph's, Malden)

Mark Golub (At-Large)

Kathleen McKenna (Partner Organization: Sacred Hearts Parish, Malden)

Jamila Mouflih (Partner Organization: American Muslim Center, Everett)

Andrea Munoz (At-Large: Tufts Health Plan) 

Dennis Roche (Partner Org: First United Methodist Church Melrose)


Andy Abbink, Driver, Volunteer English Instructor

Teri Barchard, Pantry Volunteer Coordinator

Pumla Bunghane, Doorperson - Meals

Malika Erroboa, Cleaner - Meals & Motel

Thomas J. Feagley, Outreach Liaison

Eric Hill, Driver

Patty Kelly, Development Director 

Brandon King, Everett Food Pantry Coordinator

Anson Kwong, Food Access Coordinator

Marcia Manong, Office Assistant (through Operation A.B.L.E.)

John Robillard, Meal Program Assistant

Douglas Rogers, Food Bank Assistant & Cleaner - Meals

McKay Russo, Food Pantry Coordinator

Gabriella Snyder Stelmack, Executive Director

Maria Tiro, Meals Program & Food Delivery Coordinator